Craig Rogers

I am originally from South Wales in the UK and worked for over 20 years specialising in IT Telecommunications. I enjoyed working for large corporations including Intel and ConocoPhillips Petroleum. I have worked all over the world with my expertise. Since relocating to the Algarve region of Portugal in 2016, I decided to become a professional photographer specialising in both nature and commercial photography (see links below), but still pursue my ‘techie’ needs by offering cost-effective website design and management. 

Working as a Freelancer registered with the Portuguese Finanças I can provide official tax invoices called Recibo Verdes (Green Receipts).

Why WordPress?

Flexible, secure, user friendly &  portable.

There is no doubt that WordPress is one of, if not the most popular website backbones available. It is very flexible in its design giving a high level of creativity to the designer. It has a high-level of security and protection and is frequently updated to combat high-risk vulnerabilities.  Often there is the requirement for you, the customer to have access to modify the content, for instance, writing a blog post or adding an item to the online shop. The user-friendly interface makes both mine and your life easy for handover of a completed project.  For E-Commerce sites we use the industry favourite WooCommerce addition.

WordPress can be installed and run on almost any web hosting provider. Should you ever want to move your site away from our management, this can easily be achieved.

Algarve Web Services Is Coming Soon! Please be patient whilst we continue to launch!